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  • Latest update - 1 August 2015

    The Five Weirs Walk Trust

    The Trust was established in 1986 with the vision of creating the Five Weirs Walk. Over the course of the next 30 years or so, that early vision was brought into reality. Many obstacles were encountered and overcome and, Phase by Phase, the walk was created.

    This was far from being just a construction project. The Trust worked with all interested parties to identify and deliver their needs, to promote the walk and its history and, not least, to try and keep it clear of litter, an endless task.

    Many people have been associated with the Trust in many different ways, including founders, trustees, volunteers or friends. The trust received the support of many organisations along the way, not least from Sheffield City Council who were supportive throughout.

    Funding was raised from many sources, ranging from small donations from individuals to large contributions from a variety of organisations and sources. The Trust is proud that every penny raised was spent directly on the walk, with no trustee or individual ever receiving any remuneration or reimbursement of expense.

    The full story of the creation of the walk has recently been published and is available by request. See below and link.

    Story of the Walk

    A booklet telling the story of the walk is now available. Now that the Trust's job is completed, after more than two decades of activity, the booklet reflects on the experiences and lessons learned. It shows how voluntary action turned a bright idea into a keystone in the regeneration of the River Don urban river corridor. The booklet can be requested using the link below.

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    The Future - River Stewardship Company

    As the work of the Trust winds down following the completion of the walk, the future upkeep of the walk has been taken over by the the River Stewardship Company (RSC). They now carry out riverside and habitat management and organise events and activities. They have an excellent website, which can be accessed from the link below.
  • The River Stewardship Company

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